Kulzer - dima Print - Cast - Ruby - (1 kg)

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dima Print



1 kg

CAD-to-Cast: Increase precision, surface quality and reliability while saving time.

dima Print Cast ruby: a universal casting material that facilitates greater detail than milling (no bur size limits). Compatible with traditional materials and crowns and bridges (up to 5 units). In precious/non-precious metals, partials and inlays/onlays made with press ceramics.

The resin is very fluid, yet avoids sedimentation for easy handling: create flexible clasps, highly precise detailing and crown margins with a resolution of 50μm. The final surfaces come out very smooth following residue-free burnout.


One material for all cast indications and a secure production process

     • Smooth & detailed cast metal surfaces

     • Residue-free burn out

     • Perfect for precious metals, non-precious metals and press ceramics

     • For partials, crowns and bridges (up to 5 units) and inlays/onlays

     • Compatible with traditional materials

     • Full portfolio for optimal results: casting equipment, investment materials, alloys, etc. all perfectly matched from a single provider

     • Overall efficient and economical!
          - 30 minutes for printing surgical drilling guides – 100 µm.
          - Create approx. 130 drilling guides with just one bottle dima Print Guide & Tray.

Individual impression trays

     • High precision! The transparent-orange color allows for visual control during tray fitting and impression taking.

     • Expert for impression! Kulzer has confirmed it’s compatibility with impression materials and tray adhesives.

     • Overall efficient and economical!
          - 15 minutes for printing Trays – 150 µm
          - Create approx. more than 40 impression trays with just one bottle dima Print Guide & Tray

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