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Kulzer - dima Print - Denture - (1 kg)

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dima Print


1 kg

Stress-free digital dentures with 3D printing.

dima Print Digital Denture helps you create duplicate dentures in a fast, easy process and serve a new market for back-up (e.g. for travel or emergencies) dentures.


More time for other things

     • Fast production time and less stress: produce a fully 3D printed denture in just under 2 hours!

     • Easy to learn: 3D fabrication process is easy to learn and hand off among colleagues

     • Less stress and time pressure: more time to repair a broken denture since the patient has a duplicate denture as back-up

Higher profitability

     • A fast and cost-effective digital solution to produce Try-ins and full dentures, e.g. as back-up or travel dentures

     • Total material cost for fully 3D printed denture approx. €10.81 for upper and €12.45 for lower arch

     • Exceptionally precise results with 3D printed dentures

     • Gain new dentist customers by offering a new profitable business area

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