Kulzer - dima Print - Gingiva Mask - (1 kg)

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dima Print

Gingiva Mask

1 kg

A perfect match: Tear-resistant, yet easy to design and manually alter .

dima Print Gingiva Mask helps improving implant workflows and producing models with flexible, natural-looking gingiva masks. It features a shore A hardness of 62 and is comparable to conventional materials, so technicians can adopt digital processes yet still enjoy the same characteristics of traditional materials.

The resin makes it easy to design highly detailed gingiva masks with clearly visible contours and emergence profiles. The elastic material is highly tear resistant, flexible, and easy to adjust via grinding.


Greater precision through a fast, lean production process

     • Natural color, transparency and texture

     • Easy to grind if needed

     • Flexible, tear-resistant, silicone-free

     • Easy to duplicate, just re-print

     • Perfect with dima Print Stone beige

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