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Kulzer - Palapress Liquid - Cold Curing Denture Liquid - (500 ml)

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Op voorraad
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Palapress Liquid

Cold Curing Denture Liquid

500 ml

The classic among denture acrylics!

Whether you are completing model casting, linings or repairs – Palapress makes the process quick and easy. The casting time of around 2 minutes and a processing time of up to 7 minutes guarantee high efficiency in the preparation of acrylic prostheses. The low residual monomer content makes this prosthetic acrylic particularly mucosa-compatible.


     • Short processing time

     • Very good mucous compatibility

     • Cadmium-free

     • High fitting accuracy

     • Catalyst system ensures colour stability

     • No tertiary amine


     • Partial dentures

     • Completing partial dentures

     • Edge designs

     • Repairs

     • Indirect relines

     • Extensions

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