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Kulzer - Palapolish - (80 g)

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80 g

 Pala Polish - Increased Aesthetics Of The Final Prosthesis

Pala Polish is a new denture polishing cream designed to quickly and easily polish all types of acrylic appliances. This unique polishing formula offers a high shine and special characteristics allowing residual scratches to be removed during the polishing process and eliminates the need for pumicing.

With Pala Polish you can increase aesthetics of the final prosthesis. You can use Pala Polish at your normal workbench in a dry environment with a small brush or rag wheel to create a high shine.


     • Obtain a high shine while removing scratches

     • Polish in one application

     • Smooths prosthesis without pumice

     • Reduces finishing and polishing time

     • Increases aesthetics of final prosthesis

     • Allows techcian to polish at their normal workbench in a dry environment

     • Allows use of small wheels that maintain characterization

     • Reduces the amount of different polishing pastes required as it can be used on various materials (PMMA, Composites Materials)


     • Dentures

     • Partial dentures

     • Orthodontic appliances

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