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Kulzer - Paladon 65 Powder - Heat Curing Denture Acrylic - (1 kg)

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Paladon 65

Heat Curing Denture Acrylic

1 kg

Paladon 65 - the proven heat curing denture acrylic for the press and pack technique.

Paladon 65 was the first heat-curing dental acrylic to enter the market.

As the inventor of heat-curing prosthetic acrylics, Kulzer has been setting standards for more than 75 years with its proven Paladon. Its mechanical product characteristics, which are continiously being improved, facilitate a very user-friendly and variable processing, while simultaneously guaranteeing a high-quality production in an economical way. Paladon 65 is easy to process. Its excellent plastic consistency allows the dough to be packed very easily. Process Paladon 65 in the Palajet injection unit for particularly accurately fitted protheses.

We have been setting standards in prosthetics since the 1930s with Paladon, the first ever heat curing denture acrylic. The development of Paladon to Paladon 65 is still today valued for its special mechanical characteristics. Use of Paladon 65 is therefore very widespread. Its excellent plastic consistency allows the dough to be packed very easily. Its extended working time of 45 minutes gives you the freedom to fabricate several dentures at the same time.


     • Extended working time allows the fabrication of several dentures simultaneously

     • A material with a proven history

     • Low polymerisation shrinkage ensures the best possible fit

     • Colour stable

     • Low residual monomer immediately after fabrication

     • Best possible colour coordination with other Pala denture materials


     • Full denture

     • Partial denture

     • Extensions

     • Indirect relines

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