Zhermack - Zetalabor C-Silicone Hard 80 Shore A

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Zetalabor C-Silicone

Special Laboratory C-Silicone

To Be Mixed With Catalyst ref.: C100700

Final Hardness 80 Shore A


Different Packages:

     • 5 kg + 2 Catalyst 60 ml

     • 10 kg + 4 Catalyst 60 ml

     • 25 kg + 10 Catalyst 60 ml

Can be used in various applications requiring short times and not excessively high working temperatures. Zetalabor is recommended for counter-moulds in removable prosthesis applications, masks for creating artificial gums using the indirect technique, moulds for preparation self-curing resins and numerous other applications. For more
than 35 years, their ease of use has helped speed up laboratory procedures and improve the everyday performance of lab technicians.

Indurent Gel is the gel catalyst. Its characteristic red colour makes it easy to recognise when the mixture is homogeneous. Easy to measure, it can be used with all Zhermack condensation silicones.

     • Resistant to heat up to 100° C
     • Good precision
     • Silicones to mix with the gel catalyst only

     • Time saving
     • Excellent quality/price ratio
     • For use with hot and cold resin techniques



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