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Renfert - Genius evo - Brush & Refill

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Genius evo

Brush & Refill

Genius evo expands the popular Genius brush range with a brush featuring Bionic Hair. Offering integrated protection in the handle, this premium quality brush impresses with its modern design. However, the Bionic Hair makes it truly special. The special molecular structure of the bristles allows moisture to be absorbed and is distinguished by outstanding longevity. The fineness, elasticity, and resilience of the brush tip allow targeted application of ceramic.


     • Innovative brush tip protection thanks to a smooth rotating mechanism in the brush handle.

     • Precision work and optimal moisture management due to the special molecular structure of the Bionic Hair fibers.

     • Exceptionally long-lasting and cost-effective thanks to easily replaceable brush inserts.

     • Consistent haptics for all handle positions.

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