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Kulzer - PalaXtreme Powder - Increased Impact Strength - (1 kg)

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PalaXtreme Powder

Increased Impact Strength

1 kg

Incredibly Strong & Gentle

With PalaXtreme you get high-impact strength, excellent handling characteristics and allergy friendliness. The “core shell technology” minimises the risk of fractures.

This high-impact, self-curing denture acrylic offers labs great flexibility, and it is just as easy to use as – or even easier than – conventional autopolymerising materials, whether you prefer the pouring or the injection technique. The acrylic also minimises the risk of allergies for users and patients – proving that it is both strong and gentle at the same time.


     • Passes both ISO 20795 tests of maximum stress intensity (2.39 MPa*m1/2) and total fracture of work (1,128 J/m²)

     • Minimises need for warranty repairs, even for implants

     • Easy handling for all indications

     • Suitable for injection & pour technique

     • Allergy friendly with extremely low residual monomers (2.03%)

Handling techniques:

     • Pouring

     • Injection


     • Implant supported dentures

     • Full dentures

     • Partial dentures

     • Dental splints

     • Repairs


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