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Kulzer - Paladur - Denture Repair - Combi Packs

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Denture Repair

Combi Packs

1 kg + 500 ml

Curing without a pressure pot.

Paladur is an efficient prosthetic repair material, which cures reliably even without a pressure polymerisation.

The ease of processing and the drip-fed, liquid consistency of Paladur allow restoration or indirect relining – easily and quickly. It´s ingenious recipe allows curing in thin layers without using a polymerisation unit. Processing takes place by expose to air. Low shrinkage means that the fitting accuracy of prostheses is retained. A broad selection of shades and the excellent matching of shades to all the Kulzer denture materials facilitates invisible repairs and relining.


     • Easy to use due to pourable liquid consistency

     • For use without pressure curing unit

     • Best fit thanks to low polymerisation shrinkage

     • Coordination with all other Pala dentures


     • Extensions

     • Marginal shaping

     • Repairs

     • Reattachment of teeth

     • Partial and full indirect relines

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