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IBD - Implant Buddy Dental

1 set

Essential for practitioners when placing or removing dental implant prostheses.

A single product that allows you to treat 99% of clinical cases, saving you time and space. Implant Buddy Dental has a complete identification concept allowing you to choose the needed tool as quickly as possible

Implant Buddy Dental Features:

     • Magnetic base to keep all components in place and on the surgical tray

     • Short and long bits for each prosthetic screw connection

     • Color-coded bits for easy visibility

     • Short and long driver

     • Tapered bits for a stronger connection

     • Smart thumb knob connects directly to torque drivers

     • Easy sterilization: either the individual driver(s) or the entire buddy!

     • Small size provides more working space at the bench or chairside

Implant Buddy Dental is available in standard with:

7 interfaces in 2 lengths:

     • SCS Driver – Straumann®

     • Unigrip Driver – Nobel Biocare®

     • Angled Access Driver

     • Hex 0.9 mm/.035 inch – Friadent®, Ankylos®, Biomet 3i® cover screw

     • Hex 1.20 mm/.048 inch – Biomet 3i® Systems, Megagen®, Hiossen®

     • Hex 1.25 mm/.049 inch – Straumann®, Zimmer®,  Astra®, BioHorizons®

     • Hex 1.30 mm/.050 inch – Lifecore®, BioHorizons®, Astra®, Zimmer®

Tool length:

Short drivers:

     • Total length 17 mm

     • Shaft length 6.5 mm

Long drivers:

     • Total length 24 mm

     • Shaft length 13.5 mm

Together with the hand pre-clamper and the OMEGA high-precision torque wrench (not included), the 14 screwdrivers of different shapes and lengths ensure that the Implant Buddy Dental is completely safe to use.

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