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VarseoSmile TriniQ

VarseoSmile® TriniQ® is the multi-tool among dental materials – a true all-rounder that intelligently integrates into the multifaceted requirements of modern dentistry.
Its versatile properties predestine it as an excellent material for a wide range of dental applications, not only meeting everyday demands but also addressing specific patient needs with functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics. Dive into the world of diverse application possibilities offered by VarseoSmile® TriniQ®.
The wide range of application possibilities of VarseoSmile® TriniQ® underline its position as a versatile and reliable material in modern dental technology. With VarseoSmile® TriniQ®, you are able to provide high-quality and aesthetically pleasing restorations and prostheses that enhance your patients‘ satisfaction and promote the success of your practice or lab.

Permanent Restorations:

     • VarseoSmile® TriniQ® is ideal for the fabrication of single-tooth restorations, combining high material stability with aesthetically pleasing restorations at a competitive price

     • The high strength of VarseoSmile® TriniQ® enables the reliable fabrication of permanent three-unit bridges

     • VarseoSmile® TriniQ® is excellently suited for the precise and aesthetically appealing fabrication of inlays, onlays, tabletops, and veneers, allowing you to fulfill individual patient desires

Tempory Restorations:

     • For up to seven-unit temporary bridges: VarseoSmile® TriniQ® is also ideal for temporary restorations, including longer bridges, providing you with flexibility in treatment planning and execution

Denture Teeth:

     • Its suitability for the fabrication of denture teeth extends the application spectrum of VarseoSmile® TriniQ® and highlights its versatility as a dental material

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