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dima Print

Guide & Tray

1 kg

Did you know that it is much easier to print surgical guides & individual impression trays instead of producing them analog? The dual application of dima Print Guide & Tray saves you storage capacity and overall production time. With this new photopolymere we have brought in our longtime impression expertise, where the impression tray has been tested with various impression materials & tray adhesives. Rely on us and test it!


Surgical guides

     • High accuracy! Very high heat resistance during autoclaving, meaning little to no distortion.

     • Safe and convenient! Transparent guides enable visual control of surgical field – satisfied dentist.

     • Verified! Colour change after autoclaving.

     • Overall efficient and economical!
          - 30 minutes for printing surgical drilling guides – 100 µm.
          - Create approx. 130 drilling guides with just one bottle dima Print Guide & Tray.

Individual impression trays

     • High precision! The transparent-orange color allows for visual control during tray fitting and impression taking.

     • Expert for impression! Kulzer has confirmed it’s compatibility with impression materials and tray adhesives.

     • Overall efficient and economical!
          - 15 minutes for printing Trays – 150 µm
          - Create approx. more than 40 impression trays with just one bottle dima Print Guide & Tray

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