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3Shape - TRIOS 5

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A scanner that just feels right.

Easier to hold in pen grip

Less strain on hands and wrists, more efficient work especially for people with smaller hands.

Completely wireless

Benefit from increased mobility and get the option to move from room to room with Share. No more movind around of your PC.

Optimized ergonomics for all day use

The physical body of the scanner is designed smaller than T4. Especially the width and height, which is important for the pen grip.

What is TRIOS Share?

TRIOS Share is a solution that enables our users to carry their wireless TRIOS scanner around in the clinic and scan and plan using the existing PCs and screens

Digitize your entire clinic with just one TRIOS wireless scanner.


Effortless scanning with our new scan engine: ScanAssist

Independent of scan strategy

ScanAssist can help especially new users who have not learned the recommended scan strategy yet.

Avoid mis-alignments

ScanAssist simply makes it harder to run into mis-alignment issues and they are easier to fix.

Battery power

Get 7 days of sleep mode or scan up to 33 patients

The scanner automatically goes to sleep mode after a few minutes of not being in the scan page.

In sleep mode the battery will last for more than 7 days. This way you can leave the battery in the scanner and not worry about it being drained the next day.

With a scan time of 2 minutes1, the battery will allow you to scan up to 33 patients, or 66 minutes per battery.

Charge 60 minutes to achieve 80 % battery power. Charge for less than 2 hours to achieve 100 % battery power

TRIOS 5 marks the end of user calibration

Our new scanner is calibration free, meaning users don’t have to spend time calibrating the scanner to achieve the best scan quality. The scanner comes with a factory calibration that is designed to last throughout the scanner’s lifetime.

User guidance and convenience taken to the next level

Haptic feedback and LED ring for user guidance: 360° LED ring and haptic feedback for system input communicated directly to the hand piece. The LED ring will tell the user when the scanner is connected, ready to scan, catching scan data, or low on battery.

A second button for improved navigation and scan analysis: The top one activates scanning. The new, lower button activates the in-software navigation, allowing you to analyze the scan and complete a full workflow without touching the PC or MOVE+

Fluorescence scanning to assist in caries diagnostic

     • Monitoring of patients’ caries development through TRIOS Patient Monitoring to facilitate patient engagement

     • Early detection of occlusal caries to support preventive care

     • One-sweep fluorescent scanning as you know it from T4 to assists dentists in caries detection.

     • Globally available with TRIOS 5


TRIOS 5 sets new standards in hygienic scanning

Autoclavable scan tip providing a microbial barrier.

Microbial barrier validated to last at least for 100 autoclave cycles

Significantly reduced risk of cross contamination with the closed tip

The tip prevents cross contamination as the scratch-free sapphire glass prevents the patient to get in contact with anything but the tip

Single use sleeves adds an extra protective layer

No cross contamination possible via the scanner body. A more hygienic solution when handling the scanner. The sleeve is put over the scanner body before scanning

Easy cleaning and disinfection

Easy cleaning of scanner body

The shell has been designed in one piece, making it easy to clean and disinfect.

Easy cleaning of all surfaces with the new pod

Other than looking great and the option of flexible scanner placement, the pod allows for easy disinfection as it can be disassembled and there are no cracks in which soil and bacteria can build up

Two-button design

Other than being more user friendly and easy to handle, the two-button design is also more hygienic, as you can complete a full workflow without touching the mouse, screen, or MOVE+


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