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3Shape - TRIOS 3 - Pod - Wireless

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Gain case acceptance.

This wireless or wired 3Shape scanner comes with all of the TRIOS® engagement apps: TRIOS Treatment Simulator, TRIOS Smile Design and TRIOS Patient Monitoring. So, you can preview orthodontic and restorative results. And you can explain your treatment plans more easily. You’ll add weight to your treatment recommendations. Which is a great way to increase case acceptance. And, of course, our scan-and-send system is as easy and convenient as ever.


Simple scan-and-send workflow

There’s a good chance your favorite lab is one of our more than 20,000 partners. Our scan-and-send workflow makes it easy for you to find 3Shape partner labs. So you can just pick the one you prefer, take an impression with your TRIOS dental scanner, and send it off. It’s fast, easy, and hygienic.

Take advantage of TRIOS accuracy

All our digital impression scanners use AI to “learn” from real teeth for long-lasting, natural-looking treatment outcomes. You can even capture and send precise occlusion and excursive jaw motion to your lab for a perfect fit. And did you know that dental impressions taken with an intraoral scanner are more accurate than conventional impressions1?

Boost patient engagement

Less chair time, less anxiety, and no more gagging. Your patients will have a better experience because digital scanning is faster, less invasive and allows for quality dialogue based on the 3D scan on screen. You can complete full, accurate impressions in minutes. And treatments require only 2-3 visits on average3. No wonder 4 of 5 studies show patients prefer digital4.

Our dental platform

With TRIOS also comes 3Shape Unite: a new open platform that brings world-leading dental companies, solutions and labs together, enabling you to manage all your cases with choice and ease, from TRIOS scan to treatment completion.

Enjoy the freedom to effortlessly expand your digital dentistry offering with built-in Unite Store apps for clear aligners, chairside solutions, design services and much more, or simply work with your preferred lab with next-level app-based efficiency.


Engage with your patients

     • High accuracy and precision

     • Realistic scan colors

     • Automatic scan clean-up

     • Unrivalled open dental ecosystem

     • Engagement apps to boost case acceptance

     • In-house design and production

Product Specifications:

     • Trueness (accuracy): 6.9 ± 0.9 µm

     • Precision (consistency): 4.5 ± 0.9 µm

     • Weight (incl. battery): 373 g

     • Light source: LED

     • Output format: PLY, DCM and STL

     • Size: 4,2 x 27,4 cm / 1 x 2 inches

     • Diameter: 12 cm / 3 inches


     • Size: Pod diameter 12 cm

     • Weight: 345 g

The Pod enables scanning with TRIOS using selected laptop PCs and thereby offers mobility and flexibility for dentists working in multiple locations or for clinics with limited space.

Indications For Use:

The TRIOS 3 allows for patient excitement and in-house design and production.

It supports the following indications:

     • Implants (single abutments)

     • 3-unit implant bridges

     • Inlays

     • Onlays

     • Orthodontics*

     • Post & core

     • Single crowns up to 5-unit bridges

     • Veneers

*3Shape Orthodontics is only available after purchase of add-on module.


TRIOS 3 wireless comes with three rechargeable batteries.

Scanning Time:

New batteries provide ≈ 20 min. continuous scanning time. 5 min. heating and 20 min. continuous scanning (for a new battery).

Charging Time:

2 - 4 hours, depending on battery charge level when charging is initiated.

Wireless Range:

Same room, up to 5 meters.

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