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Start To Print

Complete Set

This Set Contains:

1. SprintRay Pro Desktop 3D Printer

The leading desktop 3D printer for digital dentistry professionals


SprintRay Pro: The New Industry Standard

3D printing in dentistry is much more than just a new technology: it has the potential to control costs, improve flexibility, and expand the scope of patient care. To deliver on this potential, we made SprintRay Pro the most user-friendly, powerful and reliable desktop 3D printer in dentistry. Because the technology in your office needs to solve problems, not create headaches.

Massive Print Volume

Enough throughput for the largest jobs in a compact, desktop form factor. Print up to 30 full-arch dental models in a single batch.

Platform: 18 cm x 10 cm surface area


Onboard Assistant

A built-in 6-core computer helps you to manage jobs, ensure successful prints, and calibrate SprintRay Pro.

Lightning-fast Prints

Industry-first advances in projector, tank and resin technology. Triple the print speed compared to previous models.

Future Proof

Receive over-the-air updates that keep you current with the latest features. Send, queue and monitor print jobs wirelessly from anywhere.

Intensity, meet accuracy.

The custom projector used in SprintRay Pro delivers high-intensity light uniformly across the entire build surface.

Developed specifically for 3D printing, each projector’s output is checked at key points across the build surface for accuracy measured down to the individual pixel. It’s the only way to ensure a perfect, accurate print. Every single time.


405nm LED 95μm Projector

2x Surface Area

With twice as much surface area as previous models, SprintRay Pro’s projector offers massive throughput. 

3x Print Speed

Higher light intensity allows for faster curing, which means faster prints – up to three times faster than previous models.

Meticulous Detail

Uniform distribution of light, checked at key points on the platform, provides micron-level accuracy. Perfect for printing dental parts of all kinds.

Breakthrough tech, breakneck speed.

SprintRay introduces another key innovation with SprintRay’s proprietary STEM Tank™ technology. The STEM (Selectively Textured Elastomeric Membrane) Tank introduces air between the resin and tank floor to minimize adhesion, then uses elastic displacement to separate the print from the tank floor. The result is a dramatic improvement in speed with a reduced risk of failed prints.

Tank floor

60% More Capacity

60% greater tank capacity and volume estimates help ensure you never run out of resin.

Brains Behind the Brawn

Intuitive touchscreen controls and contextual instructions managed by a 6-core CPU make learning curves a thing of the past. Start print jobs directly from front panel USB port.

RayWare Software

Automatically convert intraoral scans to full models, ready for printing. Add labels to model supports. RayWare automates the frustrations away from dental 3D printing.


2. Pro Wach/Dry

Multistage Automated Washing System Designed For Dental 3D Printing

SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry is the first fully-automated, two-stage wash and dry system built to deliver the speed, cleanliness, and ease-of-use demanded by the modern 3D printing dental clinic.


Pro Wash/Dry uses mechanical jetting to rapidly deliver IPA to printed parts. This unique method provides excellent of agitation, reducing wash duration while offering improved cleaning power.


Thanks to a suite of automatic features, the only time you have to touch IPA is when you pour it into the reservoirs. Automatic pumps recycle alcohol, and quick-connect hoses whisk it away.


Pro Wash/Dry was designed with input from the dental community. Inspired by DIY kits all over the world, we leveraged the latest technology (and invented some of our own) to deliver a superior washing experience.


3. ProCure

Better parts in less time

Increasing the efficiency of your workflow leads to better, more predictable outcomes. Pro Cure optimizes the post-curing step for clinicians to offer the best output in the shortest time, all at the touch of a button.


Pro Cure is designed for the high-throughput demands of modern clinics and labs. 


Simply select the resin you printed with and Pro Cure handles the rest with a single touch.


Frequently updated curing profiles mean that you’re always operating at capacity.

Ready. Set. Cure.

A 3.5” touch-screen programmed with a range of 1-touch profiles for most dental 3D printing resins.

Surprisingly Simple, Seriously Powerful.

An array of high-powered LEDs and a convection heating chamber deliver better parts in less time.

Powerful 405nm LEDs

Pro Cure distributes 90 watts of curing power across 10 sets of high-output LEDs and omni-directional reflective surfaces for best-in-class curing speed.


Convection Heating Chamber

At the heart of Pro Cure is a sensor-controlled convection heating chamber to create the perfect environment for rapid, thorough curing.


Post-processing made easy.

Rapid & Thorough Curing

With a 90-watt LED array, sensor-controlled convection heating, and omni-directional reflective surfaces, Pro Cure maximizes cross-linking and the mechanical properties of your prints with best-in-class speed. 

Unmatched Convenience

Pro Cure's 3.5” touch-screen comes programmed with a range of 1-touch settings. Compatibility with most dental 3D printing resins and a 30-arch capacity help SprintRay Pro Cure take the work (and the guesswork) out of post-processing.

Easy to Own and Maintain

The USB interface of Pro Cure allows you to easily add new curing profiles as materials are released. Along with user-replaceable LEDs and solid aluminum panel construction, Pro Cure is dependable and convenient.



4.  3D Printer Liquid Mixer

Mestra 3D printer Mixer

Agitation device of resin bottles. Double movement, rolling and swing, so the mixing action is smooth and highly efficient.

The characsteristics of the resin are not altered due to an excessively energetic movement.

A homogeneously mixed resin is indispensable to get an excellent print job.

The machine is silent and has a speed regulator.


5. Die And Model II Tan - 1L - For Free

SprintRay Die & Model 2 represents a big step forward in dental modelling materials. Our new tan color mimics classic dental stone and features almost no pigment settling, which means you can spend more time printing and less time mixing. Improved adhesion to the build plate is matched by an increase in flexural modulus and strength, providing higher success rates and a reduced chance of breakage.

A reduced odor improves the quality of life for 3D printing models for an overall experience that your practice staff will love. Plus, Die & Model 2 resins are easier to separate from thermoforming materials, saving time and labor for more efficient in-office fabrication workflows. With rapid, repeatable results that are easier than ever to use, Die & Model 2 Tan is helping to bring dental 3D printing into dental practices everywhere.

     • Improved flexural modulus and strength

     • Up to 10% faster print speeds

     • Print up to eight full arch models in just 15 minutes*

     • Fantastic color and finish that mimics dental stone

     • Easy to separate from thermoforming materials

          *When printed on SprintRay Pro with Ludicrous Speed profile.




6. Isopropanol 99.9 % - 5 L - For Free

Isopropanol Cleaning Alcohol is perfect for cleaning your resin prints.

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