Renfert - Clean Finishing Set - (1 set)

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Clean Finishing Set

This Set Contains:

1. Dustex Master Plus

Dust Extractor Box

220 - 240 V

1 pc

The non-tip and non-slip Dustex master plus extractor box protects against splinters, dust and fumes. An ergonomically well-conceived form and height-adjustable arm rests enable free, comfortable working.


     • Extraction directly at the object ensures a clear view.

     • Maximum freedom of movement thanks to a large inner volume (17 l).

     • PerfectView: Innovative LED Technology for best contour and detail recognition.


     • Comfortable working due to large arm inlets.

     • Bright, built-in illumination with 4800 Lux.

     • High safety thanks to laminated protective screen with silicone coating.

     • Versatile use due to compact and sturdy, light-weight powder-coated housing.

     • Practical wooden support, made of hard beech wood.

Scope of delivery:

     • Dust box

     • Fluorescent light with lamp cover

     • Extraction port kit

     • Armrests


2. Silent Compact

Single Workbench Extraction

220-240 V

1 pc

Compact, dustbag-free suction with automatic filter cleaning and durable collector motor.


     • No follow-up costs due to bag-free dust collection.

     • Low operating noise of max. 55 dB(A).

     • 3x longer service life in comparison to conventional collector motors (1000 operating hours guaranteed).


     • Comfortable operation of the switch-on function through key combination.

     • Working without interruption due to uncomplicated motor change within minutes.

Scope of delivery:

     • 2 m suction hose

     • 2 mufflers

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