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Latex-free lip and cheek retractor

Moisture control made easy

OptraGate is a latex-free lip and cheek retractor. The aid’s unique flexibility and elasticity make it comfortable to wear and assist patients to keep their mouth open.

Easy access to the cavity

     • Lips and cheeks are evenly retracted around the mouth

     • Easily accessible, manageable treatment field

     • Effective and quick relative isolation

Relaxed and more efficient treatment procedure

     • Easy placement

     • Increased concentration on the actual treatment procedure

     • Relieves the work of the dental assistant and dentist.

High patient comfort of wear

     • 3-dimensional flexibility for a very good positioning

     • Soft, flexible material with recesses to accommodate the upper and lower lip frenulum

     • Good compatibility thanks to the latex-free material


     • Intraoral scans

     • Prosthetics

     • Restorative treatments

     • Professional care for children

     • Pediatric dentistry

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