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Disinfectant Tower - Electric version - (1 pc)

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Disinfectant Tower

Electric version

1 pc

     • Height: 92 cm

     • Weight: 24.8 kg

     • 6 x D battery operated

     • The electric pump is touchless

     • Made in Belgium


     • Bottle of hand sanitiser is inaccessible behind top hatch with lock

     • Batteries are separate from the liquid in the lower compartment

     • Robust construction, no loose parts, access hatches are locked with a universal specific key

     • The stand is delivered ready for use in protective packaging

Easy to manage thanks to acrylic inspection window and opening for filling

     • Acrylic window in the top right corner shows the hand sanitiser level without having to open the hatch

     • The bottle can be topped up through a lockable opening at the top, so the maintenance crew does not have to kneel down every time to check the product level or top up the bottle

     • The opening is unlocked with the same key that unlocks the two hatches

     • The hand sanitiser bottle can be changed using the removable support in the upper compartment


     • The entire stand is covered in an antibacterial powder coating


     • The large floor surface area protects the stand from being accidentally knocked over

Product savings

     • The opening is used to refill the bottle when it is almost empty. Systems that require bottle changes always result in product loss, as it is not always convenient to wait until the bottle is completely empty. The 2.6 litre bottle of hand sanitiser guarantees a high autonomy and is completely empty. The 2.6 litre bottle of hand sanitiser guarantees a high autonomy and avoids having to refill the system several times a day or week


     • Can be used as a stand-alone solution or positioned against a wall, all controls are front-facing

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