Hader - IBD - Implant Buddy Dental With OMEGA - (1 set)

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IBD - Implant Buddy Dental With OMEGA

1 set

Essential for practitioners when placing or removing dental implant prostheses.

A single product that allows you to treat 99% of clinical cases, saving you time and space. Implant Buddy Dental has a complete identification concept allowing you to choose the needed tool as quickly as possible

Implant Buddy Dental With Omega Features:

     • Torque wrench OMEGA

     • Magnetic base to keep all components in place and on the surgical tray

     • Short and long bits for each prosthetic screw connection

     • Color-coded bits for easy visibility

     • Short and long driver

     • Tapered bits for a stronger connection

     • Smart thumb knob connects directly to torque drivers

     • Easy sterilization: either the individual driver(s) or the entire buddy!

     • Small size provides more working space at the bench or chairside

Implant Buddy Dental is available in standard with:

7 interfaces in 2 lengths of 6,5mm and 12mm:

     • SCS Driver – Straumann®

     • Unigrip Driver – Nobel Biocare®

     • Angled Access Driver

     • Hex 0.9 mm/.035 inch – Friadent®, Ankylos®, Biomet 3i® cover screw

     • Hex 1.20 mm/.048 inch – Biomet 3i® Systems, Megagen®, Hiossen®

     • Hex 1.25 mm/.049 inch – Straumann®, Zimmer®,  Astra®, BioHorizons®

     • Hex 1.30 mm/.050 inch – Lifecore®, BioHorizons®, Astra®, Zimmer®

Tool length:

Short drivers:

     • Total length 17 mm

     • Shaft length 6.5 mm

Long drivers:

     • Total length 24 mm

     • Shaft length 13.5 mm

The Omega Torque Wrench

Omega is a high-precision torque wrench that allows you to safely tighten and loosen screws, prosthesis components, and implants. Thanks to the exclusive technology developed by HL Technology, it cannot be turned beyond the required torque value. The risk of damaging the screws or the jaw is thereby reduced to a minimum. Compliant with the new European regulation on dental devices, Omega guarantees your ability to work confidently.

     • Universal Square Drive Connection Ø 4mm Works hand in hand with the Implant Buddy driver set

    • High Precision Adjustable Torque Adjustable to 15 / 35 / 50 Ncm

    • Consistent and Accurate Guaranteed to be accurate to 6000 Clicks, 300 Sterilization cycles, or 3 years!

    • User Friendly Easy ergonomic handle, Autoclavable, simple maintenance

      • CE marked

      • Length: 94mm

      • Torque value interval: 5Ncm

      • Torque precision: 10% of max torque

      • Weight: about 27g

Easy To Use And Easy Maintenance

The torque value can be adjusted gradually from 10 to 70 Ncm.

Our Omega keys do not require any calibration during their lifetime.
Their use is therefore extremely straightforward for dentists, because the Omega does not need to be returned to the supplier for recalibration during its lifetime.

Compatible with standard dental cleaning methods.

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